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Foshan Shunde District giant Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is located in the capital of Chinese household electrical appliances - Shunde, a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of new generation ultrasonic humidifier, humidifying air conditioner fan, soybean milk machine, air freshener and so on. The giant people have grasped the historical opportunity of China's entry into the WTO. Through the joint efforts of all the staff, it realized the great leap in the history of the company in 2003, and designed a series of "melga" series of Chinese culture and European and American fashion by making great efforts to develop, innovating the spirit of seeking truth and sincere service. The sound wave humidifier, the product sells well all over the world.
Giant electric appliance has its own production base, strong production capacity and a group of senior technical engineers. At present, the company has a market development department, financial department, and other departments, in the enterprise management, logistics and distribution, product design update, quality assurance and after-sales service, for partners to provide a full range of strong guarantee.
The unique product design concept of gigco electrical apparatus, perfect production technology and production equipment provide perfect technical support for high quality products. Every new product must be tested and comprehensive test before the new product is put into production, and the company has established a wide contact with the user and strives for the company to always be in the leading position in the market. In addition, the company has established long-term and extensive contacts and cooperation with research institutions and colleges and universities across the country, ensuring that the products are always in the leading position in technology, information, research and development.
With the global integration of China's economy and the growing maturity of the market, the giant family products and culture are gradually coming to the world. The giant family is the giant of the world, and the giant product is a world-class product. We firmly believe that the dedication of the whole heart and the new feeling are the promises of the giant. The giant company will continue to launch more products with more times and features to provide more quality services for customers at home and abroad, and sincerely invite dealers to work together to meet the challenges and create brilliance.