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What are the advantages of the root control technology
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What are the advantages of the root control technology

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To solve the technical problem of transplanting trees with big seedlings and full crown, it is necessary to cut off branches to remove crowns, otherwise it will be difficult to survive. Control root rapid seedling raising technology adopts special seedling raising container to control the growth of the main root system, promote the rapid growth of the capillary root, and form a thick and short developed fibrous root system, and the quantity is large, the root nutrition is abundant, the trees grow exuberant, the seedling is not started, the root, the head, the branch and the leaves are not needed, and the whole crown can be completely transplanted. It is known as a removable forest.
The technical problem to solve the survival rate: the unique design of the control root container not only has good air permeability, but also has the unique effect of preventing root rot and main root winding, combined with the dual function of the control root special matrix, so that the water and fertilizer conditions needed for the seedlings are well controlled, the root container is dismantled, the root is not injured when transplanting, so transplants into The survival rate can reach 100%, and the later management cost can be reduced by 50-70%.
To solve the technical problems that can be transplanted in the four seasons: the seedlings cultivated with this technology, no seedlings, no injury to the root, no water, a removable control root container, more easy to transport, far load, save convenience, create four seasons transplanting, high survival rate.
The technical problem to solve the rapid regeneration of orchard: it takes at least 5 years to renew the orchard, and it can be planted on the free ground with the technique of controlling root and seedling raising. In 2-3 years, the diameter of the seedling can reach 4 centimeters and the crown diameter can reach more than 1 meters. In this way, we can ensure that the income of fruit growers will not be reduced during the orchard renewal, and at the same time, we will ensure that the seedlings are pure.