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Good project: an innovative green energy power generation technology
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Good project: an innovative green energy power generation technology

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Recommended reasons:
With the progress of science and technology, green energy generation technology is becoming mature. It will have great positive effect on promoting low carbon economy, energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection. The application of green energy generation technology in China is very broad.
Project Overview:
A British company has developed a power generation technology that can efficiently utilize six degrees of freedom in three-dimensional space, which can improve the kinetic energy conversion efficiency of about 70%-100% compared with existing kinetic energy generation technologies, such as hydroelectric power or wind power.
Project advantages:
The power generation device developed by this technology can be fully sealed, free of maintenance and maintenance for 10-15 years; the power generation device has a great range of kinetic energy for power generation, and power generation capacity per hour from 0.2 watts to megawatts.
Application scope:
The technology has a wide range of applications, including human kinetic energy generation, ocean wave or ocean current generation, kinetic energy generation of various motor vehicles, existing wind power generation, field survival emergency power generation, and portable military power generation unit.
Development status:
At present, the company is working with a famous German transnational enterprise and a well-known American security group, mainly in marine wave energy power generation and military single portable power generation devices. According to the report, the power generation technology will generate a huge market of US $20 billion to US $150 billion, if it is promoted globally.
Mode of cooperation:
This project is from the UK and has acquired a number of patents and has high investment value. Now, the company has commissioned Archimedes company to seek business cooperation in China, cooperation mode: patent technology transfer, joint venture production, etc.