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Analysis of the technique of seedling raising by using a tray
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Analysis of the technique of seedling raising by using a tray

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1. What is the difference between using plug seedlings to grow seedlings in general?
The general methods of seedling raising often have the harm of disease, and the small seedlings are small and need to spend a lot of labor. The harm of the disease is greatly reduced, the time saving, the power saving, the young seedlings produced are strong.
Two. How to choose the cavern:
1, the color is black, the opening is square or inverted trapezoid. A conical or not a trapezoidal tray, the root of the small seedlings will grow around it, which has an adverse effect on the development of the root; if the selected cavern is transparent and has a higher light transmittance and the root is directly exposed to light, it may die in the choice of a black, inverted trapezoid, and square hole disc. It is advisable.
2. The n