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Analysis of the technique of seedling raising by using a tray
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Analysis of the technique of seedling raising by using a tray

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1. What is the difference between using plug seedlings to grow seedlings in general?
The general methods of seedling raising often have the harm of disease, and the small seedlings are small and need to spend a lot of labor. The harm of the disease is greatly reduced, the time saving, the power saving, the young seedlings produced are strong.
Two. How to choose the cavern:
1, the color is black, the opening is square or inverted trapezoid. A conical or not a trapezoidal tray, the root of the small seedlings will grow around it, which has an adverse effect on the development of the root; if the selected cavern is transparent and has a higher light transmittance and the root is directly exposed to light, it may die in the choice of a black, inverted trapezoid, and square hole disc. It is advisable.
2. The number of holes on the hole. Different kinds of vegetables should choose different number of holes; the best selection of 72 hole plates, the best choice of 50 hole discs, the best choice of the 105 hole plate.
Three. How to select the mechanism and fill the cavern
How to choose the substrate: the best and bad effect of the nursery effect, the matrix plays the most important role, the use and after the emergence of the seedlings some of the poor quality or uneven growth and other phenomena, small seedlings are weak, no choice of the appropriate matrix is the biggest reason, the choice of the matrix should be paid attention to the following points: the first point of view The water and the matrix must have the appropriate capacity to maintain a certain amount of water. Second points must have the appropriate porosity, while maintaining the moisture, while ensuring a certain air permeability, it can provide sufficient moisture for the process of seedling raising, and the pH value of the 5.5-6 is generally needed for the acidity and alkalinity. The material used by the matrix must be consistent. For the filling of the cavern: first of the matrix to wet the water, there are about 60% of the water content can be, hand hold a regiment, but can not drop the water from the finger seam, after letting go, but also try to pack, but with hand poke can be scattered. Fill it with a unified standard and uniform filling, the material to be filled in the best to maintain a unified number, sowing after the completion of the seedlings in the time can be better even, and more convenient management.
Four. How to drill holes in substrates and pay attention to future seeding.
Different kinds of vegetables are different in drilling depth. The type of Solanum needs to hit holes of about 1 centimeters. A class of leafy vegetables should make holes of about 0.5 centimeters. The melon needs to play about 1.5 centimeters of holes; the depth of the punching is different because of the difference in the size of the seed (punching device).
In order to avoid the spread of soil borne diseases before sowing, this method can be used, the use of drugs to prevent, can be diluted with chlorothalonil 800 times after the solution to spray, in a small hole directly into the seed.
Five. How to cover the matrix
When the seed is covered with appropriate air permeability and humidity, large particles of vermiculite can be selected in the cover. In order to prevent the occurrence of soil borne diseases, it is necessary to use chlorothalonil solution for a sprinkler, and then attach the film to protect the water.
Six. How to manage the long seedling period after sowing?
1, for the management of water: after the cover should be poured one water, the amount of water must be large, and the matrix should be fully poured. This is to ensure that the seed germination can be better after the seed germination.
2, prevention of diseases: prevention of common diseases such as damping off, damping off diseases (Bai Junqing).
3. Cover the film: keep the water temperature, until the seeds germinate, and when the soil starts, the film will be removed to prevent the buds from being burned out and scalded.
4, keep the temperature: keep the temperature within 28-30 degrees Celsius.
Seven. How to manage the young seedlings after they grow out
Water aspects: the way to use the point plate to raise seedlings will quickly evaporate water, so it will be less water, but the amount of water can not be too much. Usually a sunny day needs to sprinkle water two times a day, respectively in the morning and afternoon, sprinkler, the amount of water can be controlled around half of the hole. If the fruit is cloudy, only need to spray once in the morning, remember not to lack water, if the water shortage seedlings will be wilting, the differentiation is also affected, the final yield is low.
Temperature: cucumber, for example, is controlled by 25-28 degrees Celsius during the day and at 12-15 degrees Celsius in the evening.
Disease prevention: dilute 500 times the solution with carbendazim, spraying it every 10-15 days, spraying it for 2-3 times on it, and using a smog / mu of 250-300 g / mu in the afternoon or evening in the afternoon or in the evening.